Armenia and Turkey agree to partially open border, Berdzor will be handed over to Azerbaijan, and Armenia gets first female prosecutor general.
“With Honor” parliamentary faction shutters, Biden appoints new U.S. ambassador to Armenia, and more than 30,000 foreigners settle in Armenia.
Anti-government protestors end street blockade, Armenia decriminalizes "grave insults" toward public officials, and Armenian Nobel Laureate visits…
Nikol Pashinyan and Sergey Lavrov meet in Yerevan, dozens injured in ongoing anti-government protests, and Armenian defense minister announces ministry…
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Opposition protests continue for second week, Armenia and U.S. launch strategic dialogue, and Armenian currency on the rise.
Pregnant woman fatally struck by Armenian prime minister's convoy, U.S. urges Azerbaijan to apply restraint in Nagorno-Karabakh, and opposition protests…
Pashinyan and Putin meet in Moscow, Nagorno-Karabakh authorities consider dealing directly with Russia and Armenia improves democracy score.
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